Service & Support

Our commitment to quality also applies to the service of our pieces long after their original purchase date. We offer lifetime service and up to two years of warranty repairs or replacements. Our family stands behind our pieces, and we strive to build a long lasting relationship with our customers they will be thrilled to share with their friends and family.

Just the Beginning

Future Proof

The first component of our exceptional service starts when our pieces are designed. We want our customers to enjoy our pieces for a lifetime, not just a few months until the next technology gadget is released. Every piece we sell is designed with upgradability in mind. As new devices are released, we offer upgrade options for existing owners of our pieces.

As Good As New

Service & Repairs

Although we engineer our pieces to last, gold is a naturally soft metal and will show wear over time. A. Wong & Co. offers a number of repair and polishing services to extend the life of our jewelry. Please contact us to arrange for service and repairs.

  • Resizing

    We adjust your pieces for the perfect fit and also add or remove material or sections to fit a wide variety of sizes.

  • Polishing

    We polish the exterior surfaces of your jewelry to bring back the original luster and look.

  • Stone Replacement

    We repair and replace aging or lost stones to restore the original aesthetics of your jewelry.

  • Component Replacement

    We restore mechanical parts that have worn out over time to extend the usable life of your jewelry.

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Service & Repairs

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To speak with a customer service representative, please call: +1 (415) 340-2940

Jewelry Care Tips

Care and Maintenance

All A. Wong & Co. pieces are made of precious metals and exceptional gemstones. To preserve the condition of your purchase, please follow these simple tips:

  • Avoid scratches by storing your jewelry separately and preventing pieces from rubbing against one another.
  • Inspect your jewelry periodically to check that no gemstones are loose and that clasps and hinges lock securely.
  • Do not expose your jewelry to extreme heat that could deform its shape.
  • Gently clean pieces with warm water and a soft brush before drying it with a clean cloth.
  • Ensure your jewelry fits you properly to avoid accidentally dropping, bumping, or other common methods of damage.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your jewelry, please contact us.