The Best of Both Worlds

Future Proof

Our company's core principle is that our customers should not have to choose between the best technology and fashion. We design our pieces to keep up with the pace of technology. As new devices are released, we offer upgrade options for our pieces. Owners can trade-in their pieces for credit towards a new purchase, or they can purchase upgrade kits to retrofit their existing pieces.

Engineered Jewelry

OEM Compatible

Our pieces are crafted to a higher standard than traditional jewelry. We engineer our pieces to the same high precision tolerances required by OEM electronics manufacturers to ensure compatibility across devices.

Never Obsolete

Upgrade Plans

Technology constantly changes to provide improved functionality and convenience for its users. Therefore, we design our pieces with electronic upgrades in mind. When possible, we release retrofit kits so our original pieces can keep compatibility with the latest gadgets.

Honored Value


Technology improves in steps and, sometimes, strides. When technology evolves beyond our ability to meaningfully upgrade our existing pieces, we will honor a fair trade-in value of our customers' obsolete pieces towards the purchase of new pieces.

Intrinsically Valuable

Holds Its Value

Our pieces hold their value because they are constructed with valuable metals and precious gemstones that appreciate over time. It is highly likely that our customers' pieces will be worth more than their original purchase prices in the future as market prices rise globally. Do not be fooled into paying high prices for common alloys and semi-precious stones offered by competitors.